T4e paintball revolver

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T4e paintball revolver

Before you shop around, keep one thing in mind - we know airguns because we ARE airgunners. Our sales and support teams make sure you get the right airguns, ammo and accessories for your needs. And if anything goes wrong, we'll make it right. Plus, we do custom modifications and services you can't find anywhere else - all done by our team of trained airgun technicians. Share your images. Earn Bullseye Bucks. Click to get email when it's in stock!

Estimated in-stock date Place your order now for delivery priority! With the T4E TR50, you finally can experience true revolver action with a paintball marker! Pop in the CO2, load up 6 rounds and start blasting! Perfect for serious players in need of a reliable sidearm. Textured grip surfaces provide a solid and ergonomically friendly feel. There's plenty of room for accessories on this pistol as well! Mount a red dot or pistol scope onto the picatinny rail on top of the barrel, and place your choice of lights or lasers or both onto the rail underneath the barrel.

Unit Converter for Airgun Measurements. Create an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. Things I liked : This thing is monster! Love it shoots anything that will stay in the clips. Don't recommend clay balls too irregular in size only good for the sling shot. Want another planning some mods and want the shotgun now. I also made a mold to make slugs out of glue gun glue and various metal like steel BB's, and 6 mm carbon balls, and shooting slugs with this gun is loads of fun!!!

This is definitely a big bore Co2 pistol! Things I would have changed : I am not sure yet Show Other Reviews.

I'M ALONE!!! Paintball sniper HEADSHOTS!!!

Got a question? Got an answer? Log in, then enter your text. What does the "quick piercing" CO2 system mean? Does the co2 canister stay intact until you tap the bottom of the grip?Designed with modern styling and dual Picatinny rails for mounting a red dot sight, laser or flashlight, this pistol features a lightweight polymer handgun frame.

The clip holds six 6. It has a quick piercing mechanism that allows the CO2 capsule to reside in the grip of the revolver without it being pierced until you're ready for it. It has a charge indicator at the rear of the pistol which lets you know if the CO2 has been pierced. The TR50 is great for mag-fed games or backup. Register Log in. You have no items in your shopping cart. Pellet Pistols. BB Gun Pistols. Airsoft Pistols. Paintball Pistols.

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t4e paintball revolver

T4E TR50. Be the first to review this product. SKU: Product Availability : Out of stock.Whether you want to get into paintballing as a hobby or find a realistically-modeled paintball gun for home defense purposes, there are a lot of handgun models to choose from. To help you decide, we have reviewed the top paintball pistols. We will explain why these are the best of the best by highlighting features and quality. Afterward, we will go over things to look for in your pistol choices, as well as additional gear you may want to consider.

Our reviews of the top rated paintball pistols with our guide and comparison table will help you choose the right one for you.

Umarex has always been one of the most reliable names in high-quality airguns and paintball guns. With the Elite Force T4E. It is constructed with a combination of metal and polymer plastic, which balances weight and durability equally. It features a tactical rail that allows for simple, easy accessory attachments. This gun also comes with a hard-shell pistol case, a cleaning hose, and a spare magazine spring.

With these items, you can perform proper, regular maintenance and ensure the longevity of your paintball gun. It utilizes CO2 canisters to fire paintballs and has an FPS of to ensure fast, accurate shot placement.

t4e paintball revolver

The low price tag is far from indicative of the quality of this pistol, as it routinely rates highly among customers worldwide. This pistol works well with paintballs, rubber balls, and powder balls, so you have options for any kind of game, training scenario, or defensive use. It has a bulky, imposing look to it, and fires. This pistol uses CO2 cartridges for firepower. These cartridges are located conveniently in the grip of the pistol, and it takes little effort to pierce it for use.

This means it can always be ready and fully charged for use. The grip of this pistol is also textured for optimum grip capability. This gun is amazing and makes the most use out of its capacities. It also makes the best of the CO2 capacity and will fire about 60 shots off of one cartridge. As with their Elite Force Walther, Umarex has made this Walther M2 as a nearly-exact, authentic replica of its inspiration.

The realistic design is great for home and self-defense, as well as MilSim paintball games or tactical practice. The T4E line is meant for training for engagement.

As such, this semi-automatic paintball pistol is ready and able to bring your game to the next level of realism, with none of the risks. When you purchase this gun, it comes with a magazine, a paintball spring, a cleaner, a rubber ball spring, and a hard pistol case.

This makes maintenance and care pretty easy and straightforward, but keep in mind that it never hurts to have extra supplies ready just in case. With solid five-star reviews on Amazon, this gun lives up to the Umarex standard and is well worth considering for purchase. Tippmann is known for making some of the best paintball pistols and guns without fail, and their TPX model is no exception. It looks bulkier than it is, but rest assured that this gun is surprisingly lightweight and feels reportedly natural in-hand.

This gun is fed with seven-round magazines, which means it may not be the best option for a primary paintball gun. But in a pinch, it serves as a fantastic, easy-to-handle secondary option that may surprise you and your opponents.The cost of training should be much less painful. T4E markers make an impression. Dust balls are just as visual, and pack even more punch. For those who want or need a more cost-effective round, T4E offers reusable rubber balls.

Umarex T4E Revolver TR 50 / .50 Cal

These are exact copies of the rifles used by the military and many law enforcement officers: the M4 and an HK On top of all that, the HDS. When training for life's scenarios, think T4E for high impact, realistic, and cost-effective force-on-force training tools. Even small departments and security agencies with modest budgets can afford to train more.

You can train more for less cost and maintain proficiency with the T4E Training 4 Engagement line of military, law enforcement, and security training equipment. T4E paintball guns are authentic, highly effective less-than-lethal training tools with very similar external physical attributes as your duty weapon. Ammo capabilities of the T4E line includes. We offer a TM-4 Carbine paintball marker rifle and an officially licensed HK T4E paintball rifle that match their firearm counterparts closely for authentic training and scenario exercises.

T4E, a brand of Umarex, provides law enforcement and military training equipment with authentic weight, feel and action to provide the most realistic training experience with the least cost possible. Training with these paintball guns provides better quality training and better reaction to real-life scenarios.

With the quality and service that come standard with T4E products, you can train more and spend less. Few brands are owned by family owned companies anymore, but that's not the case here.

Umarex T4E Revolver TR 50 / .50 Cal

We are family owned. Our owners believe in family values and encourage us to provide you, our customer, with recreational products you, your family and friends can use to enjoy and experience the wild outdoors. Check out our vast offering: Axeon Optics. Umarex Airguns. Exude Lights. Elite Force Airsoft. Rekt Dart Launchers. T4E Training. Register Log in.

T4E TR50 - .50 CAL - BLACK

You have no items in your shopping cart. Back Pistols Rifles Ammo Accessories. Rifles and Pistols. T4E provides law enforcement and military Training Guns with authentic weight, feel and action to provide the most realistic training experi. T4E provides law enforcement and military Training Guns with authentic weight, feel and action to provide the most realistic training expe.

Training 4 Engagement. About Us Few brands are owned by family owned companies anymore, but that's not the case here. Our Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter and get information about our latest offers and prices.

Opening Time Monday - Friday 8. All rights reserved.Top-of-the-line home defense: The HDR 50 is a revolver with visible strengths — large caliber. The easy-to-load rotary magazine holds six. Power is supplied by a CO2 cartridge located in the grip. A light blow at the bottom suffices to pierce it.

The textured frame surfaces give you a secure grip even in stress situations, and a trigger blade safety prevents accidental firing if you should ever drop the gun. I ordered this marker because it is advertised as a HDR. When I received it, it was a TR. I spoke to someone at Defcon who informed me that both markers are the same.

I later found out that the HDR. Not good for business. I am having a hard time finding the words to describe just how fun this gun is.

Light weight yet not cheap feeling. Wonderfully made gun. This is a well made revolver. Light and feels good in the hand. Weighs about 1. Snappy trigger, smooth action. It shoots smoothly and paint will break on soft targets at 75 feet consistently. Extra points for looking badass, too. It feels super nice and looks amazing. It came with 4 inserts and I order more because I didnt think it had any.

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Warranty Information Returns Policy You may return new, unopened items within 14 days of the original receipt date for a full refund. We will also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of an error you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.FYI: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we earn a commission if you click through and purchase.

There are plenty of paintball pistols in the paintball market. But what about paintball revolvers? Weirdly revolvers do not get as much love in the paintball industry as their magazine-fed brothers. And — to put it simply — there are not that many out there. You will spend hours on the internet scouring google to find anything but few models. Most of them will be old technology that has no place on a paintball field or in your hands. Typically here at Paintball Globe, we will make a list of the best paintball products that are available to you.

But when it comes to paintball revolvers there is only one revolver worthy of your time and money. The T4E T The best paintball revolver on the market. Manufactured by Umarex, the T50 paintball revolver is one of a kind. And while there have been paintball revolvers in the past, the T50 is the first paintball revolver that has real power to it and is fun to shoot. The paintball revolver itself looks very realistic to the real thing.

t4e paintball revolver

With a black plastic finish and metallic internal parts, the T50 feels solid in your hands. The external body of the T50 is plastic but do not let that fact scare you away. The plastic is high quality and any seems where to pieces of the plastic meet are even and tight. It is hard to tell the paintball revolver is plastic until you hold it. The pistol grip is made with a satisfying rubber grip that feels great to the touch.

Overall the T50 feels nice in your hands. Umarex did an outstanding job, the gun looks and feels like a premium piece of paintball equipment. Even though the T50 is mostly plastic it has a satisfying weight to it, which is about two pounds. A gram CO2 cartridge is used what powers this beast. You can insert the cartridge without activating it to conserve CO2. And when you are ready to fire. Each cartridge can fire up to 60 rounds or more before you will need another one. There is a small cylindrical piece of metal where a hammer would be that will stick out when the paintball revolver is charged with CO2.

T4E TR50 .50 Cal CO2 Paintball Pistol Revolver

To release the pressure you can press this piece in and it will release any remaining CO2 from the revolver. Loading the T50 is easy enough. There is a six-round cylinder that will hold your. The paintballs are held with tension and nothing else.

You insert the rounds in front of a mock cylinder that is made to look like a real revolver. It locks in place and you are good to go. There are iron sights on the front and rear of the T50 to help guide your aim.

But if you want to place any attachments on the paintball revolver there are two Picatinny rails, one on the top and one on the bottom of the revolver. A safety feature is located on the trigger itself. It is almost like a secondary trigger.Umarex Lubricant Spray. Gamo Pro Cleaning Kit. T4E TR Buy the magazine: UMX The best way to describe it is that it's kind of lumpy.

It starts out firm and then eases off just before it releases, like climbing a hill and then coasting down the other side. Build Quality: The build quality is good overall. It's a mostly plastic build with internal metal parts where they need to be. It is essentially two plastic halves held together by screws with the few actual mechanical working external parts. You have the trigger with its working trigger safety, the removable magazine, magazine release, and the quick puncture CO2 screw knob.

The hammer is internal. The revolver is not very heavy but it does feel solid in the hand. The TR50 is basically a very modern-looking revolver. In North America, particularly in the US, real handguns are very easy to obtain and can be used for self-defense. Just across the border here in Canada however we cannot purposely have on hand anything that we plan to use as a weapon for self-defense so the T4E TR50 Paintball Revolver is marketed as a training revolver.

Not much. All that said, the Umarex T4E TR50, at least here in Canada, is made and marketed as a paintball gun but on the field it may be too powerful. What you decide to do with it is up to you! Email me to be notified when in stock.

Power Source: Co2. Spare Magazine. Have you used this product? Rate it now. Powerfull with glass balls wow, also i bought the 11 joule valve now it shoots fps this this destroys targets now Powerful with glass balls wow, also i bought the 11 joule valve now it shoots fps this destroys targets now, not very accurate past 25 feet but its a fun gun.

Was this review helpful to you? Great fun to shoot. Hits hard.


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