Off road safari van

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Off road safari van

See all 58 photos. Looking to get out there—you know, really out there—but tents are a no-go and you don't want to drag a trailer to sleep in or drive something the size of a house? Then you're looking for a camper van. These handy homes away from home are based on normal-sized trucks and vans, meaning they should fit in normal driveways and parking spaces and be fairly easy to drive.

We've gathered up 10 worth considering for going vanlife, although fair warning: Even while the majority sit at the affordable end of the camper-van and conversion-van spectrum, they're all significantly pricier than a regular ol' van with an air mattress thrown in the back.

Looking for the bougiest luxury conversion van? Based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter a rather fine-driving commercial tool, if we may say sothe Nineteen includes a fold-out bed that spans the entire rear area of the camper van, as well as a bathroom, a kitchen, and even swiveling front seats that can turn to face the van's interior.

The name Nineteen is a nod to this van's foot length, but spelling it out—instead of calling it the Interstate 19—adds a proper Airstream-y sense of class, don't you think? Boho Camper Vans is chill. Like, super chill. So chill, in fact, that it doesn't even specify "models" or "trim levels" for its creations. In fact, its creations seem entirely custom—you simply bring them money and a van, or let them pick a van for you, and the outfit will turn that van into a wood-lined cabin on wheels.

Caravan Outfitter's Free Bird conversion vans are based on Nissan 's humble NV cargo van, making them the smallest and most affordable on this list. If you want a cheap conversion van, a small conversion van, or have a tiny parking spot, the Free Bird is likely your best option.

The apparatus fairly fills the NV's cargo hold, and can be folded up to reveal booth-like seating with a central table, and also has slide-out drawers housing a quart fridge and a single-burner gas stove. The Solis falls near the upper end of this roundup's price spectrum, and it hails from one of the RV industry's mainstays, Winnebago.

All-new forthe Solis is based on the Ram ProMaster cargo van and thus is manageably sized. Nobody wants a chilly throne, right? The rest of the Solis camper van is well-equipped, with a pop-up roof for standing space, a reconfigurable bed, swiveling front seats that can flip to face the living area, and full insulation on the walls and plumbing so that the vehicle can be parked and used in wildly varied climates.

Like Boho vans, Outside Van generates custom van builds for customers. There is no set template, nor does the outfitter require a single make of donor van, although the company's website seems to show a preference for Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. All of these large camper vans have one thing in common, however: They're all rugged-looking and built for living van life off the beaten path.

Those not interested in delving into Outside Van's involved custom ordering process can choose from among the already-built inventory the company has on hand at any given time. This might be the one we'd choose if we ever decided to live the van life. Happily, all three builds are affordable.

The differences between Off Grid's designs are minimal, and mostly have to do with the integration of the bed, which can be a fold-out Murphy-style unit or fixed, etc. Optional extras include an outdoor shower, a heater, a composting toilet, an extra solar panel, and a hot-water system.

There are a number of camper models offered by the Sportsmobile brand, but easily the coolest is that based on the old Ford E-series commercial cutaway van chassis. As Sportsmobile's website notes, the Ford Econoline E-series has been discontinued—but that doesn't mean it's stopped building them into campers. Customers can bring in used examples for conversion; those interested in a brand-new large conversion van can turn to Ford's E-series replacement, the Transit.

10 Relatively Affordable Camper-Van Conversions for Living That Van Life

In any event, the E-series is bad-ass because it's tough as nails and, well, you could probably find one for cheap. With four-wheel drive and burly tires, the Classic 4x4 is remarkably rugged-looking.Overall Rating. Track Price Check Availability. Owner Reviews. By Rating. Safari Owner. Overall 4. My GMC Safari van has been an excellent choice for me. It has just overmiles on it and is still running like a charm. I bought this van used knowing that the transmission had already been replaced.

At the time of the purchase the used dealership paid to have a new air conditioner compressor replaced at their expense.

The air conditioner and transmission are still working fine. It has been mechanically sound. Overall I'd highly recommend this van. I picked up my neighbor's grand daughter after school one day while driving my van. She was in awe of the many gadgets that were in the back of the van, e.

TV, DVD, lights, etc. She wanted to know, if we could take a road trip so she could use the TV. This van is very easy for me to get in and out of. This was an important feature for me as I am disabled. It's a smooth riding van and is pleasant for long road trips.

It has a lot of room for a large family to ride comfortably. The rear seat can be removed which allows for moving large items. It has no oil leaks and is average on gas mileage.

The engine still runs extremely quiet. The paint on this van has faded quite a bit but I am hoping a good waxing will help with bringing it's original color back to life. There is a problem with the power steering that is nothing major.

I have had a slow leak. The power steering began to make a loud noise and will be repaired this week.To receive additional information and to get invited to live virtual tours, please fill out contact form or send an email to sales ogavans. This is preferable to leaving a voice mail message.

off road safari van

Also, all visits are by appointment only and visitors must socially distance and wear a face mask. No matter your choice of chassis, we can build your dream campervan that will exceed your expectations. OGA staff genuinely enjoy building campervans. Our converted campervans are designed for travelers, digital nomads, and all adventurers alike. We have collaborated and combined our unique experiences and ideas from our customers to create the most efficient, functional, and affordable campervan for your adventurous life.

Check out our layouts and gallery. Off Grid Adventure Vans is committed to promoting sustainable building and living practices. We recommend using composting toilets to reduce water waste and eliminate the need for heavy sanitation chemicals.

Back Standard Conversions Custom Conversions. Green Practices. Sandstone Layout - February View fullsize.When shopping for a camper van, my husband and I immediately gravitated toward the Ram ProMaster It was easy to park, with enough space to fit all the features we wanted—dinette, full-sized bed, storage space, and room to move without crowding. With only a few inches of powdery snow on the ground, our van was incapable of moving even a few feet. This is a big problem.

We live in our van full-time, and often seek out free campgrounds. But many of these are at the end of bumpy dirt roads. At that moment I knew: we needed an off-road camper to best enjoy the great outdoors. Not just a van with high ground clearance, but one that could rev its engine at the sight of washboard Forest Service roads. Armed with our off-road camper and The Dyrt PROwhich allows you to downloaded maps and campgrounds to use offline, we knew we could take on anything.

off road safari van

No amount of slow driving or thoughtful maneuvering can make the difference when it comes to looming boulders and gaping potholes. If you plan to venture deep into the backcountry, these off-road campers are the total package, offering lift, clearance, and capability so you can make the most of your wilderness excursion. Tiger was creating off-road campers before off-road campers were cool.

With a full cab and a spacious living area, the truck-mounted Bengal gives campers the comforts of an RV with the mobility of a truck. Outfitted with a bathroom, kitchen, full solar capacity, and space to sleep four, the Bengal has been a top choice for decades. Built to suit a range of 4WD truck cab chassis, this boxy, spacious off-road camper handles rough terrain with ease. Head for those hard-to-reach campsites with zero worries about whether or not your rig can handle the terrain.

Spoiler alert: it can. Originally designed in Australia, the EarthCruiser line was created to handle treaturous ground and arid heat. EarthCruiser upped the ante when they moved to Bend, OR; these off-road campers can handle extreme cold as well.

Sportsmobile takes the van you want and creates a custom interior conversion to suit your needs. These are heavy-duty off-road camper vans with customizable options like suspension upgrades and onboard air. Sportsmobile has converted hundreds, if not thousands, of vans sinceand their collective experience can help you create the off-road van of your dreams. Prepare for your trip by downloading maps.

Want to go off-road for months or weeks at a time? Global Expedition Vehicles is right there with you.

10 Best 4Ă—4 Camper Vans

It accommodates up to 90 gallons of fresh water, gallons of diesel fuel, and watts of solar—enough to sustain you for months of off-road travel. But the payoff could be priceless: freedom to roam where no other RV can take you.

off road safari van

Campers will love the thoughtful touches, like an LED-lit canopy and built-in iPad holder for evening entertainment. Megan dreams of one day being a professional recreationalist, and welcomes any and all tips on how to get there.We offer daily ATV, Buggy and Enduro guided tours that are entirely off-road with both beginners and experienced riders made welcome by our professional and friendly staff. We are open every day from 9am to 6pm. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable off-road experience.

Your safety is our first concern, fun is a close second! Booking a scheduled tour means that you might be joined by other riders for that tour, however we can usually accommodate just you and your group for a private tour, depending on availability. For Enduro Riders we offer full and half day and weekend trips in addition to our signature eight-day tour. Go off-roading in an all-terrain vehicle ATV on an exhilarating tour of the real Pattaya outback. No age limit or off-road experience required but it is preferable that you know how to drive a car.

A wide range of exciting off-road dirt tracks and trails for those seeking the very best riding experience. Skip to content. Discover the Pattaya outback with our team of expert guides leading the way.

Take a passenger with you but note the combined weight limit of kilos for your safety. Passengers ride for free, however small children must fit securely in the fitted safety harness.

Full and Half day tours run daily lasting from 3 to 6 hours. All major credit cards are accepted. Thai English.Find Out More! Makes getting in and out of your Sprinter easier while providing side impact protection to both sides of the vehicle. Makes the ride in a lightly loaded Sprinter more comfortable.

We can upgrade the stiff single or double leaf rear springs with softer riding multi leaf springs. Increase visibility for on or off road driving. Available while retaining the stock front bumper, aftermarket front bumpers or can be mounted on roof racks. Provides superior protection to the rear of your Sprinter and includes rectangular light ports and center storage or optional winch mount.

If you want wheels other than our standard polished finish aluminum we can have your wheels media blasted and painted or powder coated to your specific requirements. To our knowledge, we are the only company in North America to convert Mercedes Sprinters and other vans and RVs to 4-and 6-wheel drive which is an important contribution to the automotive industry. Our van conversions are as easy to drive as a 2 wheel drive Sprinter, are off-road tough with impeccable road manners, precise handling and comfortable ride.

All backed with our 3 year 36, mile ltd. Experience: We have over 30 years and 3, conversions experience with sales in 46 countries. Whitefeather converts new and usedpassenger and cargo vehicles, cab-and-chassis, RVs, ambulances, commercial and military Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner and earlier Dodge Sprinters. Service Personnel and Veteran Discount Whitefeather offers a discount to all active and honorably separated U.

Whitefeather is a veteran Korean and Vietnam eras owned company. When you have worn the uniform, you are family. Websites By: prime We are still open and do not currently have any disruption to our operations.

We are taking orders and happy to help you. It's business as usual at Whitefeather 4x4 Conversions! Here to Bring your Dreams to a Reality!

off road safari van

Craig has new cell number! Please update your address books! Craig's new number: Professional Custom Van Conversions. What We Do? Why People Like Us? What We Offer?

Unique Astro Van Tour! #vanlife

Professionalism Guaranteed.Due to the nature of these products and their intended use Boondox Motorsports and any parties associated with Boondox Motorsports will not be responsible for any claims against them. No collision studies have been performed pertaining to any of these products or the use of them on a vehicle. Off-road use of any vehicle can be dangerous.

Lifting a vehicle with chassis modification and taller tires raises it's center of gravity and therefore it may be at higher risk of rollover. Caution should always be used in driving any lifted vehicle. Use caution also in installing any products to your vehicle.

6 Off-Road Campers That Can Handle Almost Anything

Failure to properly support a vehicle while working on it could result in injury or death. Information and Parts. Mini-Van or Maxi-Van? These vans are often misunderstood. They are like a wolf in sheeps clothing. They have enough room to haul all your extra tools and gear as well as a strong engine and drivetrain. They can make a great place to sleep on those extended trips especially when the weather is bad. When outfitted properly they also become good for moderate off road use.

No kidding. We have had several outfitted vans over the last decade or so and know what these vans are capable of. Check out some of the pictures below and you will see what we are talking about. Contractors, surveyors, fisherman, bike racers, snowboarders, kayakers, hunters and nature photographers, just to name a few, have used these kits to "boldly go where no van has gone before".

General Information. Smaller, more agile and more fuel efficient than the full size vans of the day yet able to handle a large payload and tow heavy trailers.


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