Lenovo fan not working

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Lenovo fan not working

It keeps the internals of your device cooler. That makes it important to check the working condition of your Lenovo Laptop fan. How to check if your Lenovo Laptop fan is working or not? We present you the ways to check if your laptop fan is working or not and how to rectify any minor issues in this article. The laptop fan cools the internal components on your Lenovo Laptop.

This will, in fact, go a long way in letting your laptop function properly. A non-working, or faulty fan can cause malfunctions in your Laptop. It can cause overheating and damage the internal parts. Testing the functioning of your Lenovo Laptop fan is as important as taking care of the documents on it.

Here is how you can check your Lenovo Laptop Fan and ascertain whether it is functioning properly. Turn your computer ON. Locate the position of the fan.

You can refer to the documentation that came with your laptop to have a clear understanding of the location of the internal parts. Try to listen for the sound of the fan. If the fan is working properly, you should listen a smoother sound.

Possible Cases Of Laptop Fan Not Working Or Spinning

If your fan does not have any issues, you should be able to listen to a smoother sound. If there are any issues with the fan, it will either make a crackling sound or rotate with vibration. There are some cases wherein your fan may be working properly, but it may not be effective. You can check if it does perform its functions.

The main task a laptop fan is expected to perform is to blow out hot air so that the internals remain cooler.Your lap is a bad place for your laptop, because it can block the vents and cause a lack of airflow.

If you must place your laptop on your lap consider using a cooling pad enter link to cooling pad or try using a hard flat surface when using your device. Oftentimes dust accumulates within your device and can cause the fan to overwork. The simplest and most common of solutions here is to thoroughly clean your device of dust and dirt guide here on proper cleaning techniques. If your fan is still not working up to standard you could apply a new layer of thermal paste.

This is probably due to your fan not working properly, replacing it with a new one link here should fix this problem. Gaming laptops like the Lenovo Legion y are not made to last a long time without being unplugged, however, they should be able to last you around 3 - 4 hours. You could also try and adjust your brightness setting and close some tabs.

This should help your battery last a little longer. The battery itself may be faulty and in that case you will need to replace the whole battery. Try replacing it using this guide. Your screen is black even though your device is turned on and the keyboard may even be lit. Windows may not be detecting the display properly. The hardware installed onto the laptop can be causing stress. Try performing a hard reset, also known as a factory reset, to clear out the offending hardware.

Two signs that the battery is dead is the laptop will die without the AC adaptor, or the battery life seems less than normal. The Lenovo Legion Y laptop's battery life is three to four hours. If the battery has been tested to be functional, then it has a computer malfunction that needs to be addressed.

Your RAM card may have gone bad which can botch the boot up process. In this case you will need to replace the RAM. You can do this by following our guide. Something may have gone wrong with your keyboard during startup so try restarting your laptop to see if it will correct itself before moving on to more complicated solutions.

Keys can often be blocked by dirt and dust that will get stuck beneath them. Use this guide to remove your keys. Sometimes the entire keyboard is faulty and you may have to replace the keyboard itself. You may need to remove all the keys so use this guide.Hi WarWithVarun.

lenovo fan not working

If it was dropped, then I would suggest you have it taken to a service center so they can safely check the machine internally and likewise access if there is any disconnections within that prevents the fan from doing its work.

Here is the hardware manual for review if needed but I would insist that a trained service tech handle this specially if you do not have any training in internal board checking with laptops. Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!

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APP Download. All Forum Topics. I hope this helps answer your query. Forum Home. Community Guidelines Please review our Guidelines before posting. Check out current deals! Go Shop. Top Kudoed Posts Subject kudos. Top Kudoed Authors User kudos. Stay in touch Our commitment to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.The Lenovo G 80E5 is a laptop with a This cost effective option shipped with Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition.

Charging percentage start and stop points can be controlled through the power management software. This is feature can help prolong battery life by reducing unnecessary charging of the battery. To check these settings, click the "Settings" button. Because the lifespan of one battery is related to its charging circle, the power charging will automatically cut off to protect the battery when the power reaches to a certain amount.

If the issue persists, try reinstalling the power management software. Uninstall Lenovo energy management.

lenovo fan not working

Re-install the battery then charge the battery completely. Restart the laptop and install Lenovo energy management software again.

To check the AC adapter, unplug the AC adapter cable from the computer. Measure the output voltage at the plug of the AC adapter cable. Measured voltage on the outside casing should be 0V. If the voltage is not correct, replace the AC adapter.

If the voltage is acceptable, you must replace the system board. If the battery status indicator or icon does not light on remove the battery pack and let it return to room temperature. Reinstall the battery pack. If the charge indicator or icon is still off, replace the battery pack. If the charge indicator still does not light on, replace the system board. This protects the battery pack from being overcharged or from having a shortened life.

To check your battery, move your cursor to the Power Meter icon in the icon tray of the Windows Taskbar and wait for a moment but do not click itand the percentage of battery power remaining is displayed. To get detailed information about the battery, double-click the Power Meter icon. Note: If the battery pack becomes hot, it may not be able to be charged.

Remove it from the computer and leave it at room temperature for a while. After it cools down, reinstall and recharge it. Affected ThinkPad systems that were updated to Microsoft Windows 8. Microsoft Windows 8. Although the mouse pointer can be moved around the screen, it is not possible to log into the system. At the black screen, press and hold the power button until the system powers off.

This typically takes seconds.When I shutdown the computer, sometimes the fan keeps running till the battery drains out. Then I have to keep pressing power button and power off the laptop. Previously I had Windows 8. Any healpful ideas guys? Go to Solution.

This seems to be a common problem with Windows What you need to do is to install a V9 or V10 IME and the system will operate as it should as it relates to power off, sleep, and hibernate. I had the same problem and regressed driver to v10 and everything has been fine since. Just use the driver install, and answer that you know you are going back level on the driver. View solution in original post.

Download IME To provide you with the correct solution we would need to know the service tag and which OS the system was sent with. Intel rapid storage i think it will say, have to stop program first before uninstall - click yes and think it asks to restart system, just go ahead and click yes.

Nvidia: in. IME: downloads. Chipset: downloads. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Lenovo Legion Y520-15IKBN Troubleshooting

Showing results for.Damage will be due to more heat generated. The fans doesn't stop automatically unless it encounter an impact or too much dust accumulation. Dust and Heat are the worst enemies of desktops and laptops. I am using a core 2 duo processor I see a 48C to 50C on speccy Pleaseadivse.

This is the same temperature for core i3 while normal computing. If your core 2 duo shows 50 degrees then you may need to clean your laptop. But don't worry unless the CPU temperature goes beyond 70 degrees at full load. My son knocked my laptop. Also i did try to get to the fan but i can't so i blew on it and used a clean blush brush and cleaned it.

How To Fix Fan Errors In Lenovo Laptops

The fan might have got stuck. So, without opening the laptop we can't know what the problem is. You should not open it up, if you don't know how to fix it. Hire a professional to fix the laptop, but everything should be in front of you, don't submit your laptop to anybody. Which laptop model you are using? If its an HP then HP laptops are easy to open because they give specialized access to the fan and you don't need to open the whole laptop.

lenovo fan not working

It could be due to heavy dust accumulation. I am assuming that your laptop doesn't have any power or motherboard problems. Hi guys. What should i do? Plz help Your Toshiba satellite L needs cleaning. A laptop should be cleaned once years.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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Lenovo G50-80 80E5 Troubleshooting

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Lenovo Notebook Cleaning Fan! Ideapad Essential G570 G575

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Previous Next Sort by votes. Mar 25, 3 0 10 0. Hello all, My Lenovo E Thinkpad up and stopped working after being powered off one day. As described in the title, when I power the laptop on I can't hear any fans and the display is completely black.

However, the Thinkpad light is still solid red. I have tried all of the solutions listed in this threadbut none work for me. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Trifex.


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