Delphi vs python

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Delphi vs python

Both Java and Python are object-oriented programming languages that can be used for website or web-based application development process. In terms of the coding and implementation, Java code is lengthy, needs semicolon at the end of each line, declaration of data types is static, and requires in-depth coding knowledge. From above discussion, we can conclude that both Java and Python languages have their own benefits.

It really is up to you to opt a particular language for your project. Where Python is simple and succinct, Java is quick and more portable. While Python codes are dynamically-coded, Java is statically-coded. You may also look at the following articles to learn more —. Your email address will not be published. Forgot Password?

delphi vs python

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Ozzy Man Reviews: Honey Badger vs Python vs Jackal

Please provide your Email ID. Email ID is incorrect. At the end of the statement if you miss semicolon it throws an error. In python, statement do not need a semicolon to end. In python, you have never seen a sight of curly braces but indentation is mandatory in python. Indentation also improves readability of code. In java you must declare type of the data. Python codes are dynamic typed. In terms of speed, Java is faster. Whenever in projects speed matters the java is best. It is slower because python is an interpreter and also it determines the type of data at runtime.

This is why it rarely used in enterprises.Is there any documentation on cross thread communication in Delphi? How can I send message to the thread that doesn't have a window? First call to GetMessage will create a separate message queue for this thread. But in order to send message to the thread you should use PostThreadMessage function. Be aware that at the moment of calling PostThreadMessage the queue still could not be created.

I usually use construction:. So, your code could look like:. I thought it might be useful to actually try to compile a list of things that one should know about multithreading. If you have a reference to the thread object, you can just call it direct, and have the procedure store information or update accordingly. Obviously you have to be careful to do things in a thread safe manner.

Alternatively, you could use a central control object through which the threads communicate when they aren't busy.

delphi vs python

I have an app where threads have particular purposes, and are allocated a thread-ID. Any thread can "post" a message with a message-ID and a string for parameters to another thread-ID and then get on with its work.

The other thread the picks it up at its leisure, and acts accordingly. The question Delphi Multi-Threading Message Loop also contains a few examples of communication between threads. You can either have a message loop possibly with a hidden notification window in your thread and send a Windows message to it, or you can use a more native less-GUI way of doing it, such as a queue protected by a critical section combined with a manual-reset event that the thread waits on and the sending thread signals.

A more general solution is a producer-consumer queue, which in the classic implementation uses a couple of semaphores to keep track of consumers and producers and a third semaphore for mutually exclusive access to the queue; however, more optimal producer-consumer queues are available on the net. You can only send Windows messages to threads that implement a standard message loop, which will automatically be created once a window handle is realized.

It is however not necessary to use messages to communicate with a thread. Just let it wait on an event object TEvent in VCLand signal this event when you want the thread to perform a function. But if you are new to multi-threading - don't go into all these details on your own, unless you want to for the learning effect. Just use the OmniThreadLibrary and be done with it.

There's much good to be learned by digging into its internals, once you know how to use it. Regarding the comment asking "What does [OmniThreadLibrary] make easier, and at what cost? There are several samples to illustrate the concepts, but for a quick "real-life" example you could have a look at this blog post - you don't even need to install the library for that. I do also agree that using a library for multi-threading does require a certain act of faith.

The sample code does still use the ill-conceived Synchronize call. There is no support for things like thread-safe producer-consumer-queues, which are much more suited to multi-threaded programming. And if you do agree that you need a more solid fundament for your multi-threaded programs than the VCL provides - why reinvent that particular wheel? As for the cost of using the library: You will have to time yourself whether it is fast enough for you. It does abstract the communication between threads in a good way IMHO, but every abstraction costs performance, obviously.

If you decide that it is not for you after all - write the code yourself. I did the same for Delphi 4, and I have been using that code for nearly 10 years now. And judging by the amount of bugs I found and corner cases I experienced in that time, I would definitely advise anybody new to multi-threading to not write their own library code for it. And if you really really want to, please take the rules in this posting to heart.Create an account on Neowin to contribute and support the site.

Asked by Internet. Well i've always wanted to learn one of the two Php is a scripting language for web based content. Delphi Pascal is more targeted towards desktop applications.

Lots of debates about whether Java is a good idea to be teaching it for anything other than fundamentals considering the advantages of functional languages like Lisp.

Comparing Delphi Programming Language With Python

They say its tough to look at a problem without a bias towards a functional solution or a procedural solution. Incidentally, Python is my favorite language. Great for number crunching when you need to play with large integers. Also, Google appears to be using Python for their support pages 'answer. Another one you might consider is Ruby. Both of those seem to be emerging as major players. Ruby is difficult for me to use, however. All of the blocks and procs and such confuse me.

I understood them after going through a couple of tutorials and doing some practice exercises In fact, I recently started getting back into it. It isn't difficult in the least! I'm biased toward Python because it is easier for me, but Ruby has a lot of power. For those reasons, I can't recommend one more than another, but I can recommend that you consider looking at each, if you wanted to see something other than Python.

If you're interested in building native win32 desktop applications then Delphi is great. NET version. I learnt to use it using the built in help documentation many years ago Delphi 2, it's up to version 11 now.

I can't suggest any books or anything but there is loads of information and tutorials on the Internet about every single aspect of it. As for Python, I don't know much about it. Isn't it more of a scripting language, more at home on the Web, or being embedded in an application like a Delphi application to allow it scripting capabilities? Delphi was very popular 4 years ago and there are still lots of sites around. MS is just too hard to standup to and is squezzing codegear out so all you will have left is VisualStudio.

Python or Delphi Delphi has two versions, both in the same IDE -- there is a. If I was working with it, I would always go with the native version for pure speed. However, the. Python is good for scripting basic applications, but not so good for graphical user interfaces. Sorry to resurrect a almost dead topicas my first post. But because I have been working with Delphi for many years and I am working now with python I thought I could help the original poster and any future poster with similar question.

Ok let us start. Yeap that is so great about delphi that is an environment, that is both an excellent IDE and a very good, easy and powerful language. That is a fact. For the rest python will be fast enough for you.Just click a data cell to edit it.

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Programming Language. Commercial Community Edition - Free. Python Software Foundation License. Delphi is derived from Borland's dialect of Object Pascal. Is object oriented and procedural too. Python is both object-oriented and functional. Delphi Assembly. Distributed data structure Object-relational Relational Graph-oriented. Jinja Genshi Chameleon.

Django Pyramid Flask. Beginner Intermediate Advanced Master Godly. Beginner Intermediate Advanced Master. Object-oriented Imperative programming Event-driven Aspect-oriented programming Component-oriented Functional. Imperative Object-Oriented. All of them. Delphi Assembly Object Pascal. Python Java any JVM scripting language. Git github Subversion Any.

Don't repeat yourself Python Zen.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. You are using Sizeof buffer instead of Length buffer! So you are hashing 4 bytes instead of 2. Learn more. Asked 1 year, 10 months ago. Active 1 year, 10 months ago. Viewed times. I try to hash the same string in delphi and python but i get different hashes?

Create; HashSHA1. Thanks in advance! Samuel Petrosyan Samuel Petrosyan 1, 1 1 gold badge 15 15 silver badges 35 35 bronze badges. IgnacioVazquez-Abrams Solved. Active Oldest Votes. Uwe Raabe Uwe Raabe Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. Socializing with co-workers while social distancing.As developers embrace new programming languages, older languages can go one of two ways: stay in usedespite fading popularity, or die out completely.

We predict the following languages will likely die:.

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There was a time when everyone seemingly programmed in Perl. Click here to find programming jobs. Indeed, even its creators seemed to implicitly acknowledge that something was wrong, kicking off work on Perl6, currently under development as a complete revamp of the language.

delphi vs python

Work on Perl6 started in… the year Where is it? Who cares? Perl is dead. Perl, which works as a CGI scripting language, found its most popular use in generating Web pages. The language had its day—but now is as good a time as any to ditch Perl and embrace the 21st century. Upload Your Resume Employers want candidates like you.

Delphi vs C# vs Python

Upload your resume. Just ten years ago, Ruby was all the rage. Invented inthe unique language hit its stride by the mid-aughts. People who use Ruby on a regular basis absolutely love it. But those of us who grew up with C-style languages tend to have a little trouble learning its ropes. I tested this out to find the factorial of In AprilTwitter announced that they had rewritten much of their code in order to move away from Ruby and its popular Web framework, Ruby on Railsclaiming the platforms were inefficient.

That, I would argue, was the day Ruby started to die; over the past three and a half years, interest has begun to wane. If you love Ruby, you can thank Twitter for its demise. Ten years ago, I landed a job rewriting massive amounts of code for a company that shall go nameless, converting from VB6 to Visual basic.

I only lasted a couple months before I bailed: It was an excruciating task.

delphi vs python

He originally used a different language, but Bill Gates told him to replace the language with BASIC, which he felt was the easiest language in use at the time.

For most of the s, we got to see this new breed of BASIC, dubbed Visual Basic, grow to include objects and other newer programming techniques. Then something interesting happened. The guy who headed up the creation of Borland DelphiAnders Hejlsberg, moved over to Microsoft and headed up the creation of a new language called C. This language was very similar to Java.

It took a while for people to start using it, but once they did, they loved it. To this day, there are many, many C jobs, and C programmers command high salaries. Both languages moved forward, but it was inevitable that the world would embrace one C at the expense of the other. Technically these are platforms, not languages. ActionScript is a close cousin to JavaScriptwhich love it or hate it is one of the most popular languages today due to its implementation in all browsers.

Do you use Flash?In computing we require different programming languages for various purposes. Researchers and developers of these programming languages conduct research to establish the advantages and disadvantages of various languages to enable the user to be able to decide which one suits a certain purpose.

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Delphi and python are object oriented programming languages. However, python is known to be both functional and oriented. Delphi on the other hand is purely procedural and inclined to object oriented dialect of pascal. Both Delphi and python exhibit the Unicode features whereas only the python programming language can be interpreted. For persons interested in looking for a multi-user system programming language, these two have such abilities.

Moreover, these two can be autofocused to a desired level. On memory storage, Delphi has higher storage capacity compared to python.

Delphi has a recommended memory of up to 2 GB whereas python has up to 1 GB. At the same time, both of these programming languages possess an extension or a plug-in slot, implying they can be upgraded. Python on the contrary can only work better with a cross platform operating system. These two programming languages work best with different target audience. For persons working in government settings, healthcare setups, financial arenas, application developers, cloud computing, web development and business enterprises, it is prudent to incorporate associated programming activities with Delphi.

For beginners, research and development agencies, data analysts, system administrators and the gaming industry, python programming language would do better compared to Delphi. Moreover, for designing various patterns, Delphi works best in data mapping, service locator, decoration, factory setting and more other chain of responsibilities.

Python may not be widely appropriate but can apply to procedural, model view controlling and designs that can be driven by domains. Python takes approximately 78 ms to boot whereas Delphi only takes 50 ms for the application to start running.

Both of these programming languages can support adobe plash players, machine coding generations and object relational mapping techniques. For typing in different dynamics, only python is equipped to support, Delphi is incapable. In a nutshell, both of these programming languages have ranging capabilities and there is enough information to let you decide properly your programming language of choice.

There are several programming languages that are currently in use all over the world for developing different type of application for different platforms.

One of such prominent programming language is Delphi programming language. Skip to content In computing we require different programming languages for various purposes. Growl Boyz?


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