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Cardozo law reddit

Police sources told QNS on Dec. Law enforcement sources said that the attack occurred at about a. The student was taken to a nearby hospital and is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The school promptly went on lockdown as police investigated the assault. Students who were arriving for later classes could not get inside the building due to the lockdown, but were allowed to get in at about a.

According to a source affiliated with the school, a ninth-grade student was stabbed by the suspect. The source alleged that the assailant may have been accompanied by two other students. The source said that the incident was caught on camera and that authorities knew the identity of the suspect, who had fled the school and headed in the direction of Springfield Boulevard.

Meanwhile, one parent of a year-old daughter arrived at the scene and expressed anxiety over the situation. A Cardozo school official addressed parents and the press at around 11 a. An official statement on the Cardozo High School website noted that the incident occurred at a. This story was updated on Dec. You must be logged in to post a comment. The message will also contain a custom footer containing links to accept the invitation or opt out of further email invitations from this site.

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I can remember when Cardozo was the best high school in District I kniw Francus Lewis became 1 next, but I didn't know Cardozo descended to this.

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cardozo law reddit

Send Invite. Visit Queens Courier Staff's profile at qns. Create an Account. Forgot Password. Log in with. Create New Event. End time?Stepping back, Santori was there explain to the audience how the SAFT tries to break a token sale into two parts, separating the fundraising of a project from the code that will eventually help power the software project for which it has been designed.

In the first part, an investor gets a contract for coins once a protocol is launched and ready for use. That part is definitely a security, he granted. Continuing, Santori compared this part to how bankers used to finance miners to dig gold. When the gold came back, no one thought that the gold was a security, he reasoned.

The investor just gives backers digital currency, the metaphorical gold. Yet, attorneys on the panel of seven kept returning to this question of whether such a token could really be thought of like a mineral ore and the SAFT as the instrument that financed the mine. Wright disagreed with the idea, contending that the courts will not separate the coin from the SAFT.

Rather, he argues they will look at the whole process. A commodities lawyer, Valdez raised an important question: have entrepreneurs been too focused on the U. They intend to sell them for a profit at some point. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

News Learn Research. Bitcoin Halving Latest Opinion Features Video Markets. First Mover. Sign Up. Bitcoin 01 What is Bitcoin? Are Tokens Like Gold? If a hedge fund tries to buy a contract like that, though, it becomes a financial derivative. Read more about Disclosure Read More The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies.This week, U.

Some of the more memorable exchanges came between Sessions and Sen. Kamala Harris of California. A number of users on social media have pointed out that Harris failed the California bar exam on her first try. Granted, that footnote is a fairly common talking point in profiles of Harris. Test takers from non-ABA-approved schools scored at a 19 percent rate.

First-timers scored at 56 percent. Missing out on a passing score is painful, but it is not a permanent barrier to becoming a lawyer. Or third? Or fourth? What does she do now? You can totally do this. So can CardozoLaw settle this once and for all? Did Benjamin Cardozo fail the bar exam? CardozoOCS cardozolawlib t. It brings together a diversity of opinions, experiences, and voices from those associated with the law anywhere in the world and is targeted to law students, current, past and future.

Unless stated, the opinions shared by our writers do not reflect the official position of the American Bar Association. Before the Bar Guidelines Become a Contributor. Kayla Griffis Molina. University of Oklahoma College of Law. Contacts Login Why Join? Why Join? Go Premium! Already a member? Log in here. First Lady Michelle Obama failed the Illinois exam.Funding a law school education is not an easy feat. There are many expenses that go into attending law school such as tuition, fees, books, boarding, travel costs, and any extra expenses for organizations and extracurriculars.

Also, law school typically lasts about three years for most students so all your costs are really multiplied by three. While a legal education is extremely beneficial for your future, it can be a detriment when it comes to finances. This amount can seem pretty daunting especially considering you are only allowed to work twenty hours a week while enrolled in classes. Going to law school is a large monetary decision that can be made easier with financial assistance.

There are several merit-based and need-based scholarships and grants that are available to incoming and ongoing law students in order to ease the burden. Typically, law schools offer some sort of scholarship based on merit.

These differ from need-based scholarships because they only take your achievements into account rather than your financial situation. Some law schools even offer scholarships to transfer law students based on their achievements at their previous law school. For these awards, you typically automatically apply for them when submitting your enrollment application. While these awards are determined by your specific rankings, law schools have a limited number of scholarships to divvy out.

Thus, it is important to apply to your intended law school early, in order to be considered for full awards based on your achievements. Most universities have a set application date in order for you to have full scholarship consideration. Not only is there usually no additional scholarship application, these scholarships tend to yield large awards. Some students are lucky enough to receive half or full tuition scholarships. Normally these awards are renewable as long as you maintain a certain GPA and enrollment status.

cardozo law reddit

On top of initial merit and transfer scholarships, most universities have other forms of financial aid such as endowed scholarships. These awards are specific to the university that are available to students that meet a certain criteria. Each scholarship is unique and provided by a distinctive donor. Since the awards vary, there are a limited number per scholarship and have a range of specific dollar amount.

The qualifications for these also differ.

cardozo law reddit

Many of the endowed scholarships take financial situations into account, making some of them need-based but there are several merit-based awards as well. In order to be considered for these scholarships, law schools usually have a scholarship application for additional awards. Each university is different, some have one application that you attach to each award you are applying for, while others require you to have a specific application for each different scholarship.

However, the typically, law schools require a transcript, some sort of personal statement or essay that gears towards the specific award, and a resume. Additional university scholarships are an excellent way to get more financial aid in addition to initial merit awards. These are relatively easy to apply to but only a certain amount of students receive these scholarships. While law schools offer a large amount of financial assistance for law students, there are other resources for scholarships and grants.

Some law schools provide portals via their financial aid websites for other outside scholarships that could be beneficial to their students. Many law firms and companies create a fund that is dedicated to scholarships for law students in order to ease some monetary burden. Typically, these awards require transcripts, a resume, and a small essay of some sort. These scholarships are usually community-based, meaning only a specific population can apply for them.A Gallup poll found that less than one-in-four people who graduated from law school between and said obtaining a law degree was worth the cost.

With many law school graduates somewhat regretting their decision to attend, it makes sense to examine whether going to law school is still worth it in Keeping in mind the high tuition costs, interest rates, and potential salaries, another good metric to consider would be its return on investment ROIcalculated as its salary-to-debt ratio in a study by online lender SoFi. This cost does not include rent, food, transportation, and other living expenses.

Everything You Need to Know About Law School Scholarships

As the law school workload does not permit most students to hold jobs, student loans represent the most common method of paying these costs. For many students, student loan debt accumulates on top of debt they already carry from undergraduate school. While most lenders allow the deferment of undergraduate loan payments while attending law school, any unsubsidized portion of such debt continues to accrue interest.

All told, it is not uncommon for a law school graduate to enter the working world with a sizable negative net worth. Taking on such debt might be a smart investment if a law degree provided reasonable assurance of a high-paying job.

Ideally, recent graduates should earn yearly salaries equal to or greater than their total student debt. This level of pay usually allows for paying off student loans within 10 years without materially affecting a person's lifestyle. Stories abound, however, of law school graduates struggling to find any sort of legal job, much less one that enables the repayment of student debt in a timely manner.

The remainder operated solo practices, with varying degrees of success, or performed contract work. The SoFi study, which incorporates data from student-loan refinancing applications between Jan. For the Class ofColumbia University saw out of its graduates find full-time jobs.

cardozo law reddit

At New York University the numbers were of Graduates of second-tier programs often settle for work outside of top law firms, where the pay is much lower. Idealistic young attorneys who choose public service fare even worse financially. Even new lawyers who land good jobs rarely receive paychecks commensurate with their debt levels. The SoFi analysis also ranks law schools based on which offer the best value defined by their salary-to-debt ratio.LST is an award-winning c 3 non-profit that does consumer advocacy and public education about the legal profession.

Since our founding inwe have made an outsized impact on law schools and their accreditor, the American Bar Association.

As a result of our work, more law schools are held accountable and prospective law students make more informed choices about whether and where to attend law school.

Your tax-deductible donation is essential to our continued efforts to provide public education about law schools and the legal profession, as well as improving law schools in a variety of ways. LST is one of the nation's most trusted sources for information and analysis on legal education issues.

Our research, policy papers, reports, and staff are routinely cited by traditional and legal news organizations, popular blogs, and academic scholarship.

A representative from LST may be available for phone interviews, broadcast interviews, podcasts, consulting, presentations, and other engagements.

To reach us, email team lawschooltransparency. Informational interviews with new and seasoned law school graduates to convey what the practice of law is really like. The show helps listeners make better law school choices, improve the job search process, and ultimately increase job satisfaction.

Receive I Am The Law on your mobile device:. Welcome to Law School Transparency Making entry to the legal profession more transparent, affordable, and fair.

LST Reports. I Am The Law.

UPDATE: Teenager turns himself in for slashing student at Benjamin Cardozo High School in Bayside

What do lawyers actually do? Hear what practice is actually like on our award-winning podcast. Data Dashboard. LST's Vision. Learn about LST's vision for more accessible, affordable, and innovative law schools. The Team. The Vision.Quick links. A forum for those current students who are or may be transferring from one school to another.

Post any questions, advice, or other transfer related comments here. Forum rules Anonymous Posting Anonymous posting is only available to the creator of each thread.

The anonymous posting feature is intended to permit the solicitation of anonymous advice regarding the transfer application process, chances of being accepted, etc. Unacceptable uses include: testing the feature, questions which are clearly fake or hypothetical in nature, harassing other users, etc.

Posters should also read and understand the announcements posted at the top of the Transfers forum prior to using the anonymous feature. Failure to follow these rules will get you outed, warned, or banned. Please not that I'm not interested in reading comments that insult Cardozo, as I don't find that productive to the topic.

This is mostly directed to former or current Cardozo students who transferred or attempted to transfer. Some questions, however, can be answered by anyone who has transferred. Large scholarship, negligible stipulation.

I'm not convinced I want to transfer, and am not really looking for reasons to transfer; just what to expect should I decide to go through the process. Like most, I'm interested in Big Law, but might be more happy with midlaw. When should I ask for LORs? I'm paranoid that if I ask now I will stigmatize myself among the faculty.

I could wind up doing poorly this semester and therefore would be stuck with the stigma, or word could spread to my current professors. If I ask for LORs after receiving my grades for this semester, how do I initiate that conversation as it will be during the summer?

Do I disclose my intent to transfer in an email and set up an appointment to discuss it? How long did the process of sending your transcript take? What was it like getting a Dean's Cert? Did you have any negative experiences? Is it worth it to apply to Fordham?

As soon as possible. I highly recommend not doing this. Letter writers can be notoriously slow, and you're already stuck waiting for all spring grades before you can even apply. Do you want to run the risk of having to wait until mid-July thanks to Mr.


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