Best tuner for camaro ss

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Best tuner for camaro ss

Below is an overview of the recommended first mods for the iconic vehicle. Lucky for you, you can get an OE designed, engineered and tested lowering kit specific for your new Camaro. The kits are designed to provide an integrated package that provides an aggressive stance by lowering the vehicle up to 0.

They also deliver a lower center of gravity that enhances the feeling of responsiveness. Four kits are tailored for LT and SS coupe and convertible models. When guys begin tracking their car more frequently, one of the biggest bang-for-the-buck upgrades to go faster around a track is suspension.

With a lowered stance, you lower your center of gravity increasing your turn-in sharpness, as well as transitional stability. The increased spring rate also reduces body roll so the car is more planted increasing your confidence as a driver to push the car even harder. Suspension stiffness also helps with braking, decreasing the nose dive effect, thus reducing the amount of weight transfer to the front keeping the rear tires more planted. All in all, suspension upgrades is one of the best for overall performance, plus your car will look great.

Call up your local Chevrolet dealer to get this kit ordered and even have them install it for you. We were recently on track in a personal vehicle with stock exhaust, and after a full weekend of tracking the car, we were longing for more exhaust sound to better hear our revs. These axle-back systems enhance the performance sound of your Camaro while offering a premium appearance. The entire system is made from stainless steel with 2. Upgrading your brakes is one of, if not, the best decision you can make as it not only increases performance, but also safety.

Chevrolet Performance has released a kit that matches performance pads with performance rotors so you get the best of both worlds in one package. If this sounds like you, Chevrolet has a couple options. For you guys with a Camaro LT with 2. The Duralife rotors feature a hardened surface to reduce corrosion and provide quieter braking with less vibration. The kit is a direct replacement for the original front brakes and includes low-expansion front brake hoses, all necessary hardware and installation instructions.

This front-brake kit is available for all Gen-6 Camaro models and includes low-expansion front brake hoses, all necessary hardware and installation instructions.

The entire airbox is hand constructed from aluminum and is powder coated for durability. Remember, you can call up your local Chevrolet dealer to get any of these parts for your car, or even to just call and ask some questions. A dealer locator is at this link.

DiabloSport Now Supports 2018 Chevy Camaro SS

Media Photos Videos. X Search. Below is an example of what a performance exhaust sounds like on the V6 - intoxicating indeed. Corvette Racing.The Predator, inTune and Trinity platforms are the go-to modification on high performance cars like the Camaro and Corvette.

We know what it takes to make more power, safely, on these powerful offerings from GM. DiabloSport features Camaro support from all the way up to and Corvette support from Whether you have a 5. The DiabloSport Predator 2 is a premium handheld tuning device that packs potent performance tunes, diagnostic tools and data logging all in one easy to use package. This number shows that the Predator 2 passed emissions compliance testing and is able to be used on vehicles requiring that level of compliance.

Predator 2 Platinum CMR capable The Predator 2 Platinum, PNdoes include custom tuning capability and additional power levels for 93 octane fuel on some applications. The Predator 2 Platinum is a perfect solution for those who want custom tuning potential down the road if modifications are in your future!

The inTune i3 programmer is pre-loaded with dyno-tested performance programs designed specifically for your ride. Within minutes, you could add horsepower and torque with no other tools required!

Platinum i3 CMR capable The Platinum i3, pnis designed for those who want the best of both worlds, pre-loaded, high-performance tunes in addition to custom tuning capability. The i3 Platinum is already equipped with some of the best tuning right out of the box but we know our customers like to bolt on upgrades and extract every bit of horsepower out of their Corvettes and Camaros. That is where CMR custom tuning comes in. Our nationwide network of CMR custom tuning dealers can build tunes for your specific ride on a dyno or by using the built-in data logging features of the i3.

Now you can have great tunes for now, and custom tunes for when you take your ride to the next level with the Platinum i3. The Trinity 2 EX is hands down, the most feature packed performance tuner, monitor, diagnostic and data logging device on the planet. The T2 has no peer in terms of wide vehicle coverage, state compliant tuning, custom tuning capability, high-definition graphics, and premium quality.

The original Trinity stood out in a market full of pretenders as it took on-dash monitoring and performance tuning to a new level. The T2 raises the bar again by including an industry-leading digital display, high-definition graphics, high-speed and yet simple user interface, and of course, legendary DiabloSport tuning.

You can still add power to your ride, enjoy crisp digital gauges, and drive right into an emissions testing center with confidence. The Trinity 2, PNis state emissions compliant, so you can tune your Corvette or Camaro with assurance that you are state legal.These tuners not only allow you to tune for fuel available, they also get rid off some of those pesky engine management systems.

This gives you better performance and more muscle from your modern muscle car. The Max Energy Programmer offers both 91 and 93 octane tuning programs, so you can match the tuning to the available fuel. The octane requirement for a normally aspirated engine is determined by the compression ratio. Lower compression ratio engines below about usually will not make any more power on premium, than they will on regular. But as compression ratios rise, the octane requirement also rises.

The new Camaro, with a compression ratio of First we optimized the tuning for the most common premium of 91 octane. However, there are some areas of the country where 93 octane is available so we retuned it using 93 octane, and sure enough, we saw an additional gain of 4 to 5 horsepower and torque.

There are many different torque management systems active at any given time while driving. During our tuning development we altered most of these systems in different combinations to assess the impact on performance and drivability. We too the best combination of those changes and combined them with further tuning to improve the overall performance and drivability under all driving conditions.

The overall effect is a dramatic, instant increase in throttle response while maintaining drivability. This selectable feature with definitely benefit the performance enthusiasts who want to leave the line with the full power this car is capable of making.

best tuner for camaro ss

The programer also includes the following features. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. We'll send you the most interesting LSX Magazine articles, news, car features, and videos every week. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. About Us Sponsors Advertising.

Tuning 2010-2015 Camaro SS

News All News New Products. Latest News. More Stories. Late Model LS Power in your inbox. Subscribe Now. We think you might likeThe Gen 5 Chevrolet Camaro marked the triumphant return of the Chevy ponycar, rocking an independent rear suspension for the first time and left the old F-Body designation behind for its new Zeta platform chassis. Just a set of wheels has a huge impact on the appearance and performance of your Camaro. A set of strong, lightweight wheels is a great way to add both style and performance to any car.

Available in a variety of fitments and in up to 22in Forgestar F14 wheels and finishes, Forgestar Wheels can be customized to suit nearly any build — just ask one of our Mod Experts. Forgestar is by no means the only horse in the game, either.

best tuner for camaro ss

Niche Milan wheels are a great looking budget option for the Camaro as well. These are just a few of the great wheel styles available for your Camaro — if you have questions about a set of wheels or your fitment, consult our Mod Experts for their advice at A great choice for virtually any daily driven Camaro is a set of Eibach Springs for Chevrolet Camaro.

A set of BC Racing Coilovers for Camaro SS are an outstanding budget option, coming in at just 10 benjamins, these quality coilovers offer way adjustment and can stand up to the rigors of track use. Consult our Mod Experts for their advice atchat live at ModBargains. After sorting out the handling of your Camaro so that it will both carve a corner and hook up at the drag strip rather than hop around like peter friggin cottontail on Easter Sunday, the next thing to consider is how your Camaro SOUNDS.

The MBRP Cat-Back Exhaust for Chevrolet Camaro SS is a great option, offering a full cat-back exhaust system that delivers more power to the wheels and a deep, rich sound along with tips and mufflers that look great on the car. For an muscular, high performance sound different than any of the other guys, scope out the Solo Performance Mach XL Cat-Back Exhaust for Camaro SSwhich features a unique chamber to alter the tone and its lightweight construction means significant weight reduction.

Whatever you choose, be sure you listen to lots of sound clips because the best exhaust for you may not be the best one for your buddy who likes things quieter and vice versa. Whatever you choose, an exhaust upgrade will both look and sound better and give your Camaro a bit more muscle.

These are just a few of the many Exhausts for Gen 5 Camaro on the market — click here to scope out our full selection. So after giving the exhaust gas somewhere to go, how about letting the motor breathe it in a little faster too? A free flowing air intake will give your LS faster response and more power and torque to the wheels. An Injen Air Intake for Chevrolet Camaro V8 offers an optimized intake tube and high flow conical filter, paired with a heat shield to keep the hot air out and channel cool air directly into the filter.

Cooler air is denser in oxygen, meaning cooler air has more oxygen in it available to burn with your gasoline, creating a better air fuel mix and thereby creates more power at the wheels. A Roto-Fab Cold Air Intake for Camaro SS, V6 and ZL1 offers greater breathing capacity and a beautifully finished custom heat shield to offer the same sorts of benefits as the Injen setup but with a much prettier look under the hood, and can be customized in a variety of ways to suit your underhood theme.

We hope you enjoyed the read. Need something installed?Our inventory includes only the highest quality Camaro mod accessories, so you can count on PFYC to deliver the best parts and components for all Camaro upgrades. We selected these Camaro upgrades based on the following criteria:. And all of the upgrades below includes affordable accessories that will fit any budget. Most of the Camaro mods we talk about are for late-model varieties. PFYC is the preferred parts provider for body shops, dealerships, and individual Camaro owners just like you.

This blog will look at a handful of the most popular Camaro upgrades available. Regardless of your skill level, these Camaro modifications are doable by just about anyone.

Check out these five modifications for your Camaro. PFYC sells components for theand Camaro. The differences between a regular and performance front splitter are characterized by subtle yet distinct ways. With optional side winglets and an aggressive, low-profile design, the ACS T6 is one of the top-performing Camaro front splitters available anywhere.

Street Scene is known for their stylish, retro-appeal splitters, and their Camaro SS model is no different. The Street Scene splitter offers easy installation and a professional, polished, pedal-to-the-metal appearance. Their American Thunder Axle Back exhaust is the perfect blend of efficient performance and full-bodied audio. The back of the Camaro offers a chance to add sleek style, most notably in the form of a premium aftermarket spoiler. Factory Camaros can sometimes leave you wanting more with the front end, but the Camaro Heritage Grill injects bold attitude, front and center for everyone to see.

We saved the best for last, as PFYC offers Camaro owners a full selection of accessories and premium parts to increase power, decrease 0 to 60 times and enjoy the ride like never before. For a quick and effective boost in power, try a cold air intake system. For precise, pinpoint performance, nothing beats a Camaro engine tuner. And the Diablo Sport Trinity T has everything you need: gas tuning, analog control capability, an adjustable backlight and more. Thanks for stopping by the PFYC garage.

If you need more information about your next Camaro upgrade project, or need help finding a component, give our Camaro aftermarket parts experts a call at You must be logged in to post a comment. We selected these Camaro upgrades based on the following criteria: Affordability. ACS T6 Splitter. Street Scene Splitter. Camaro Heritage Grill. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

best tuner for camaro ss

Shop By Category. Join Our Newsletter Receive the latest news on new promotions, exclusive offers, and new arrivals.Chevrolet may be working on a hot Z28 Camaro, but for those who are sick of waiting for General Motors to launch the beast, we've come up with a few alternatives. The forthcoming Z28 reportedly will be powered by the same 6.

Although the CTS-V is tuned to produce hp and lb-ft of torque, we aren't sure exactly how much power the General will bestow upon the Z Power will most likely be sent to the ground through the same six-speed manual and automatic transmissions featured in the CTS-V.

Since there is no data on the yet-to-be-released Z28, we have to estimate performance figures based on the CTS-V sedan.

Tuning 2016-2019 Camaro SS

With an automatic transmission, the CTS-V can sprint from mph in just 4. Quarter mile passes take The Z28 is expected to weigh in some pounds less than the CTS-V sedan, which should help it to perform slightly better.

The following is a list of tuner-prepared vehicles that may hold their own against the Z28 when it finally does arrive. Texas tuner Hennessey Performance has a history of dramatically increasing power to nearly anything with four wheels. For the Camaro, Hennessey offers a total of seven power packages.

Camaro SS Supercharger

They range from a naturally aspirated hp, to a supercharged hp package, and a twin-turbocharged hp upgrade. All those sound great, but we're looking for something a little closer to what the Z28 will be capable of. And Hennessey's HPE package is just that. The tuner boosts the stock SS's 6. Engine management software, a new set of high-flow injectors, and a high-temperature thermostat have been added to keep things running smoothly.

With the additional equipment, the car can now sprint from in 3. If you're interested in racing your Camaro in anything but a straight line, we suggest looking into the suspension upgrades Hennessey offers. Hennessey dresses up the car with exterior badges and numbered interior plaques. A new engine cover, floor mats, and embroidered headrests complete the cosmetic upgrades.

However, if you want enhanced exterior styling to match the car's new performance package, additional equipment may be added. A front splitter and rocker panel extensions are available in either black, hydro carbon, or carbon fiber finishes. And a set of inch three-piece wheels and an exterior graphics package complete the available styling options.Display Options.

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best tuner for camaro ss


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